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I've got about sixteen more horses than I've had wives.
- BOB WILLS, songwriter / bandleader
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The nerve: a couple of guys named David (Rensin) and Bill (Zehme) thought they'd write about guys named Bob = thus The Bob Book . (Why don't Roberts write these books themselves? One reviewer says the answer may be that Bobs do not have time for navel-contemplation.)

Or do they? Master of his domain Bob Meier grabbed the most obvious name for his website The Book of Bob, one man's life and career online.

Composer Paul Chasman is responsible for The (other) Book of Bob - a comic satire about a 21st century prophet who takes on politics, religion and popular culture.


Scotland's national bard reigns at Robert

Satisfy your inner romantic at the Victorian Web's Robert Browning pages.

Robert Louis Stevenson is naturally found at The National Library of Scotland, and less predictably at the Universita degli studi di Bergamo, Italy.

Make a virtual visit to the Robert Frost Stone House Museum in Shaftsbury, VT.

The young Robert Penn Warren set out to excel as poet, playwright, novelist, critic and biographer. He succeeded in spades, winning one Pulitzer Prize for fiction and two for poetry and becoming America's first Poet Laureate. Read All The King's Men and then watch the film - either 1949's Oscar-winner with Broderick Crawford, or the 2006 remake with Sean Penn.
The Robert Benchley Society is a Boston-based group keeping alive the memory of the very funny S.O.B. (Sweet Old Bob.) Robert's grandson Nat Benchley performs a one-man show, Benchley Despite Himself, about and partly as the indefatigable writer, actor and all around prolific performer. Read any of the Benchley anthologies, or look into his famed short films for Paramount.
St. John's College, Oxford, maintains a comprehensive site for the Robert Graves Trust . Graves' home on Mallorca, Ca N'Alluny, is now open to the public through the auspices of Fundacio Robert Graves. And catch the unforgettable BBC treatment of I, Claudius on DVD (or read it or another of Graves' novels.)
Robert Anton Wilson holds court as only he can at his own site. And delve into the world of the Illuminatus Trilogy, co-authored with Robert Shea.

Relive the brilliant life and career of golfer Bobby Jones.

The Smithsonian Institution honors the great Roberto Clemente with A Life Beyond Baseball.

ENTERTAINERS is the Columbia Records site for the troubador poet. Fans will want to re-see Martin Scorcese's acclaimed bio-pic, Bob Dylan - No Direction Home, and many of the tours are also on DVD.

He's legendary, he's as Bob as they come, he's the one and only Bob Hope. Find this "National Landmark" on film and in many biographies.

Explore the buttoned-down life of comedian Bob Newhart - he's on CD, DVDs and has a new book: I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This! is a comprehensive official site; but remember also to check out Bob Marley Museum and Foundation, Kingston, Jamaica charts the singer's every move.
Singer/songwriter Bob Mould is at Granary Music and at his jam-packed Boblog.
The Bobs are an LA based singing group.
Comedian Bob Smith has written two thoroughly entertaining books, Openly Bob and Way To Go, Smith.

You don't need a website when American Masters has done your story. So go to PBS to see pages for these giants: photographer Robert Capa; Bob Dylan; Bob Marley; Bob Newhart; artists Robert Motherwell and Robert Rauschenberg. Find complete bios, videos to watch, interviews etc., and you can order many of the programs on DVD. (And not that it matters, but the series has profiled more Master Roberts & Bobs than any other name.)

Chef, restaurateur and TV star Bobby Flay has written six hot cookbooks , beginning with the classic Boy Meets Grill, and takes time to personally answer your questions at his appetizing website.

If you're more thirsty than hungry, stop by the Robert Mondavi Winery in Oakville CA (You must be 21 years of age ... even to enter the website.)


Play games and more at SpongeBob Squarepants from Nickelodeon.

Try Club Bob online radio = John Lee Hooker, Bob Marley etc, and some spiffy merchandise.
Seattle's KZOK braodcasts at 102.5 FM but anyone can listen in to The Bob Rivers Show for classic rock 'n' talk online.
Bob the Squirrel is an online comic strip about ... a squirrel
Read about A Bridge Named Bob - really - in Avon, Colorado in Ed Quillen's archived Denver Post article. For several years the town held a Bob Festival, but for now they seem to be waiting for demand to ratchet up again.
Popular columnist Bob Hill's archive is found at The Courier Journal in Louisville KY.
Irreverent writer Robert Kirby is at The Salt Lake City Tribune site.
Archived articles by journalist Robert Fisk, primarily from The Independent
Comic book artist R. Crumb online store.
Try Bob the Fish for irreverent Bob-centric t-shirts reflecting boating, fishing, diving and other wet pursuits.

The Bob Club is all Bob all the time, with Bob links and merchandise.

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