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Many people don't know that Bob is short for Beelzebub ...
- BOB SMITH, comedian
what's in a name
Bobology : the study of and investigation into all things Robertian
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pugilistic bob:
BOB can be a noun meaning “a light tap or blow” or a verb meaning “to move up and down quickly” - maybe to avoid that light tap.
A wildflower named for the trickster garden fairy, Puck - a.k.a. Robin. He was called "Robert" when folks didn't want him to know they were talking about him.
The British shilling was known as a bob. Worth 1/20th of a pound, it was permanently replaced by the five pence coin in 1990.
Robert Roy MacGregor was called Raibeart Ruadh in Gaelic (Red Robert.) The 18th century Scottish folk hero was immortalized by no less than Daniel Defoe, Sir Walter Scott and William Wordsworth, and played on film by Richard Todd & Liam Neeson. Often thought of as the Scot's Robin Hood, he was at one time a successful cattleman - his worst crime may have been being victim to a swindle and falling in debt.
angling for bob:
A BOB on a fishing line could be both the cork (or plastic) float and a knot of worms on the business end You might use them to catch a bobtail eel (cyema atrum.)
bobby language:
BOB is a noun meaning “a slight nod of the head” and a verb meaning “to curtsy”. All that nodding and curtsying might lead to giving gifts, such as the bob that’s an earring or the bob that’s a bouquet. If she likes you she may give you a bobsled.
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